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Donald “Del” Laverdure

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Del Laverdure is an enrolled citizen of the Crow Nation and is a member of the Ties the Bundle Clan on his Mother’s side.  He is a descendant of the Little Shell Band of Chippewa Indians on his father’s side.  Del was given two spiritual names by clan uncles – baapuua bassee (first stone) and baagon diiliish (walks high).  He also participates in indigenous and intergenerational ceremonies including sweat lodge, vision quest, smudging, giveaways, spiritual naming, public speaking, tobacco pipe, animal and plant medicine, indigenous healing arts, guiding spirits, drumming and singing, honoring sacred sites, medicine wheel, spiritual offerings, four elements and four directions.  Del has continued his lifelong experience of indigenous healing arts with the study of contemporary healing / wellness modalities across the country.

Over his professional career, Del has served many tribal nations in a wide variety of capacities including assessment and negotiation of several federal Indian water settlements, energy and tax counsel, testifying and advocating for tribal legislation in Congress, and intergovernmental relations at all levels on a wide spectrum of indigenous issues.  Prior to private practice over the past 8 years, Del was appointed by President Obama and served 3.5 years at the U.S. Department of the Interior as Acting Assistant Secretary, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary and Deputy Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs in Washington, D.C.  Del previously served as Chief Legal Counsel for the Crow Nation, held numerous tribal judgeships, was an assistant professor of law, and was director of two indigenous law centers.  Del has testified more than a dozen times before Congress and earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering in 1995 and his J.D. in 1999.


Jennifer Weddle

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Jennifer Weddle is the Co-Chair of the Greenberg Traurig’s American Indian Law Practice and has wide-ranging experience in complex regulatory and jurisdictional issues. Much of her practice focuses in the areas of tribal economic development, including tribal fintech. Jennifer is also a litigator, practicing frequently before the U.S. Supreme Court and other federal appellate courts. She is past president of the National Native American Bar Association and past chair of the Federal Bar Association Indian Law Section. She currently serves as the Tenth Circuit Representative to the ABA Standing Committee on the Federal Judiciary, evaluating federal judicial nominees. She spends most of her time in Colorado and Montana. She is a Harvard Law and University of Michigan alumna and a busy working mom.

Andrea De Goias

Sean Henderson

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Sean Henderson is an enrolled Assiniboine (Nakoda) Tribal member who works with Developers, Builders, Tribal Entities & Programs, Private Sector Entities, Residential & Commercial Developments, and New Business Developments.  He assists in securing funds for affordable housing and economic developments in Ft. Belknap and is involved in planning, securing financing, design/build, construction monitoring, asset management and compliance for multiple housing and business development projects.  His background encompasses nearly all aspects of real estate and small business development in the private sector, within the Ft. Belknap Indian Community, and personally.  

Sean is a strong advocate for responsible development of high quality & affordable housing for the many Tribal members that are in dire need.  Sean returned ‘home’ to Montana in early 2018 from Florida to provide assistance and guidance to Island Mountain Development Group in launching a variety of real estate diversification plans that would, ultimately, support ongoing efforts to continuously build out housing projects within Ft. Belknap until a balanced market exists, and the current housing crisis becomes a thing of the past.   

Through these efforts, the development of a vibrant housing market within the Ft. Belknap community will provide equity and wealth opportunities, job growth, hope, and opportunities for our family & friends.



Former & first General Manager of Real Estate Development – Island Mountain Development Group.

Former Broker/Owner of a high-volume Real Estate Brokerage in Juneau, Alaska.

Previously employed by the State of Alaska, Alaska Federal Saving Bank (former name), and the Bureau of Indian Affairs Palm Springs Field Office Real Estate Division.

Over 20 years in real estate and multiple new business developments.  

Over $125 Million in residential and commercial real estate sales volume which include commercial acquisitions, renovations, leasing, and resale.  

Worked with small & large investors, builders, and developers in Alaska, Florida, and Montana.  

Strong involvement in economic development, financing, market analysis, and planning.  

Works directly with multiple Tribal and corporate entities in planning and development of Tribal housing projects, subdivisions, and new small business developments.

Current owner and founder of CHI Home Furnishings, CHI Home Staging & Design, LLC a residential furnishing, home staging, and listing Company in Billings, Montana.  

Successful negotiations include recommending and Brokering the acquisitions of a high-volume residential construction company, large commercial office buildings, high density sub-divisions in the Billings area while working with Island Mountain Development Group, and elsewhere as a sole proprietor and independent contractor.

Previously managed a variety of large land disbursals throughout Southeast Alaska for an Alaska Native Corporation, Sealaska, Corp.

Successfully brokered nearly 500 residential transactions in multiple states.    


Education:  Degree in Business Administration – Haskell Indian Nations University, and additional studies at the University of California Riverside Extension.  

Certified Economic Development Specialist.  

Previously licensed Real Estate Broker and Agent in Three States, and currently active in Montana.

Multiple real estate related continuing education certifications and National awards for sales volume and marketing strategies.

Working toward Certified Commercial Investment Manager (CCIM) accreditation in the State of Montana.


“My desire is to provide valuable support and resources to assist the many entities who strive for economic opportunities that lead to ending the housing crisis that exists throughout the Ft. Belknap community”  

~Sean (Bullhead) Henderson ~


Naomi Haigh

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Naomi (Begay) Haigh is an enrolled citizen of the Navajo Nation. She is an entrepreneur, a Business & Life Coach, and Psychic Medium. Naomi has previous professional experience as a Business Analyst, having worked in the banking, government, and health care industries. She received her MBA, MHR, and BA & AS in Business from Utah State University. She has a passion for learning and for new experiences. She is an energy worker and Reiki Master. Naomi is committed to helping individuals realize their true potential by teaching them how to strengthen and follow their intuition, their internal guidance system, and to use this guidance in practical ways, helping them realize personal, professional, and community growth.


Tracy “Ching” King

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Tracy “Ching” King, Assiniboine, ICFRC Board President, has served 14 years on the Fort Belknap Indian Community tribal council, including two years as Vice-President and six years as Tribal President. Before co-founding the Indian Child and Family Resource Center where he has served on the board for ten years, Mr. King served more than twelve years as a board member for the National Indian Child Welfare Association. He served as president of the To-Ga-He-Yo-He Youth Ranch, a therapeutic ranch project designed to bring traditional Assiniboine horsemanship skills to troubled youth in his community. Mr. King is committed to addressing the needs of vulnerable Native children, youth and families throughout Montana as well as throughout the country. He participates on a variety of state and national boards aimed at addressing Native issues on suicide, child abuse, juvenile justice and fatherhood. He resides with his family on the Fort Belknap Reservation near Harlem, MT.